MY WEXO EXPERIENCE: Intern to Perm at Guinness Asset Management
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July 24, 2013

As a student...

Getting a paid internship through WEXO was straightforward from start to finish. Having seen the position at Guinness Asset Management listed in WEXO’s Weekly Update I immediately applied and within a week I was hard at work at my new desk. Little did I know that my short term internship would lead to me being offered a full-time position just a few months later!

My joining coincided with the launch of a new renewable energy fund and so over the next couple of months I was involved with many aspects of fund management. Initially I mostly assisted with the marketing of the fund; dealing with potential investor enquiries, putting together presentations for meetings and processing new applications. It gave me a fantastic insight into how to launch a fund and attract new investors and it really drove home to me the importance of a successful launch.

As well as working on the marketing, I quickly became involved in the process of finding suitable investment opportunities. This would involve putting together information on companies, working with financial models, attending meetings with potential partners and then also assisting with the detailed due diligence process leading up to possible transactions. This is where the knowledge and experience of the Guinness team shone through and I felt privileged that as an intern I was very much part of these processes.

As a graduate trainee

Another major component of my work has been to monitor the performance of existing investee companies. This has helped me to learn about the intricate details of how renewable energy projects are run and has been highly interesting from both technical and financial perspectives. Renewable energy is a dynamic and diverse market, the importance of which is only going to strengthen in years to come, and so my experiences as an intern will stand me in good stead going forward.

One of the best things about working in a small team is the exposure to each and every part of the business. This is especially useful when the different components of a business are so interconnected; knowledge gained in one particular task directly aids the understanding of another. I have great enjoyed working at Guinness and being part of a team of experienced fund managers has been hugely beneficial for my development.
Internships are a brilliant way to learn about an industry and enable you to gain first-hand experience from the off and I am greatly appreciative of WEXO for helping me kick-start my career.


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